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Booking Your Appointment
Once you've created your pet's profile, you'll see what size category they are in.  From there, based on their breed, you'll decide which base pawkage is right for them, followed by any Specialties or Enhancements you'd like them to have.


Select Your Base

Depending on your dog's breed, you'll choose either Cutie Patootie (for dogs with FUR, short hair, harsh-coated, double-coats, wire-coats, or who just need a bath) or Hot Tomato (for dogs with HAIR or jacket-coats). 

For cats, you'll choose either Cat's Pajamas (NO haircut/style) or Cat's Meow (haircut/style/shave).


Select Any Specialties Needed

Specialties are for pets who have conditions that need special attention.  This includes pets with hot spots, bacterial/yeast/fungal infections, who got skunked, who got into grease or oil, who have mats &/or fleas/ticks.  Most people don't know this, but Club Pawsh can specifically treat pets with these conditions topically, without prescriptions from your vet.  Great for dogs with Addison's & Cushing's Diseases to help regrow hair.  Call today for a consultation.


Select Your Enhancements

This is where the fun & luxury really begin!  Add some extra pawmpering to your pet's service with a milk bath, dead sea salt soak, or ancient ayurvera herbal mud mask for brighter, softer, more voluminous hair & skin.  Add a fun creative design, unique or breed-specific hairstyle, a splash of color, teeth brushing, & additional flair far beyond basic bandanas & bows.  Your pet deserves the best because they are the best.  This is where they get it.

Step 1. Select Size

Step 2. Select Specialties

  • Comfort - Soft Tissue & Fascia Manipulation - $1/min, 10 min minimum

    • Add some extra relief to old, tired, & sore muscles to help with mobility​​

  • Itches & Twitches - $15

    • Sensitive or itchy skin?  Your pet will benefit from keratin & nettle in our Mineral Red Derma Complex Shampoo & Plus Conditioner Mask.  Keratin deeply nourishes the coat & rebuilds the protective layer of the skin & nettle helps to battle eczema, hives, excessive grease, & helps prevent hair-loss​​

  • Crusted/Ooey Gooies - $35

    • Does your pet have a yeast/bacterial/or fungal infection?  Did you know your groomer can help treat that topically?  It's true!  Club Pawsh uses the highest quality products designed in Italy alongside a DVM with a dual degree in Chemistry to help treat conditions like these.  Mineral Plus Creme Anti-BacterialShampoo with pH Balance Conditioner Mask followed by a luscious Ozonified Olive Oil treatment will allow for proper hydration, healing, & protection, restoring the natural protective layer of the hair & skin along with enriching it with natural oils & vitamins for nourishment.  Atami Ozonized Biological Olive Oil oxygenates your pet's skin, acting as an antiradical & disinfectant, protecting against UVA, UVB, & IR rays while your pet heals.  Consult your groomer for a treatment plan.​​

  • Hot Cha Cha - $15

    • Is your pet suffering from hot spots?  After bathing, your pet will be treated with a luscious Ozonified Olive Oil massage to oxygenate your pet's skin, acting as an antiradical & disinfectant, followed by a misting of our Mineral Red Derma Gel SOS.  Zanthalene, calendula, chamomile, & menthol combine as natural analgesics & anti-inflammatories to give a sensation of well-being & relief from hot spots, wounds, abrasions, scratches, cuts, & burns.​​

  • Cooties - $20/$50+

    • Worried about fleas & ticks?  This treatment will act as a preventative ($20) to help keep these tiny terrorizers at bay. 

    • Uh-oh!  Fleas & ticks have already decided they like your pet?  Never fear, we can help treat it ($50). 


  • Pepe Le Pew - $50

    • Oh, no!  Your pet got skunked!  STOP EVERYTHING & BOOK THIS NOW - DO NOT WET YOUR PET!  De-skunking is a game of chemistry down to the molecular level.  Once your pet has been sprayed, thiols & thioacetates quickly bind to hair & fur which are covered in an oily coating, repelling water & making the smell more pungent.  Our KS Antismell Shampoo followed by our pH Balance Conditioner can eliminate any recurring smell for up to 30 days, neutralizing odors at the source.​​

  • Raggamuffin - $20/15 min / $35/15 min / $50 / 15 min

    • Mats happen.  But they hurt.  As they form, they pull tighter to the skin, which can cut off blood- & air-flow, making the skin more delicate & prone to injury.  As these areas are handled, pets can become aggressive because they're in pain, so extra caution, care, & time are needed.  Sometimes they can be worked through & brushed/cut out.  Other times they'll need to be buzzed off, & if they're really casted on, surgically shaved down.  Depending on the degree of tightness, mats can cause scarring, hot spots, hematomas, bacterial/yeast infections, & harbor parasites.  We're happy to provide relief & set your pet free from these troubling tangles.  Our go to process involves a combination of our PEK Conditioner Mask, K101 Avocado Oil Conditioner Mask, & H270 2 Phase Equalizer to help loosen mats away from the skin to make it as pain-free & save as much length of the hair as pawsible.

      • Pricing rates are dependent upon degree of matting in categories of Matted / Severe Matting / Casted/Impacted.​​​

  • Dapper Dan - $35+

    • Iv San Bernard Purifying Shampoo made from argyle clay from the Dead Sea & Orange PEK Conditioner Mask with natural silicon will detoxify & purify your pet's skin & coat with deep penetrating formula to gently cleanse away grease & oil.​​

Step 3. Select Enhancements
  • Coiffed - $25+

    • Want more than just a pet style haircut?  Make your pet standout by bringing out their natural breed's standard appearance.​​​

  • Flapper Freestyle - $15+

    • Every pet is unique, so let's create a totally unique look just for them!  Some pawpular ideas: Asain Fusion, Mohawks, Squirrel Cut, Lamb Cut, Dinosaur, Continental.  This enhancement also includes styling (pompadors/braids, curls), great for special events & occasions!​​

  • Pawmpered - Soft Tissue & Fascia Manipulation - $1/min, 5 min minimum

    • Life's just so ruff, in'it?  Treat your pet to some extra lovin' to help relax & pawmper them for their spaw day!​​​

  • Exfoliation - $10

    • If your dog has been shaved in the past (especially if it should have been hand-stripped or not shaved at all), they likely have a buildup of excess sebum which can produce clogged pores & lead to pimples & blackheads.  After a luxurious bath with our Black Passion shampoo & conditioner, we'll add our Mineral Red Etreme Peeling Detox to the mix.  A delicate exfoliating gel combines the peeling action of vitamin micro particles to efficiently remove impurities to activate new skin cell production, allowing keratin to help regenerate & strengthen while nettle adds back softness & silkiness, leaving a sensation of relief.  Recommended for hairless dogs & cats as well as Schnauzers, West Highland White Terriers, & Cocker Spaniels.​​​

  • Twinkle Toes - $11

    • Warren London's Paw Fizz treatment will help to clean & disinfect paws to make those toe beans sparkle!  This is especially great in providing relief to discolored paws from constant licking & yeast infections.  With continued treatment, this can even help to combat stains & stop your pet from having a case of the lickies!​​​

  • Pawdicure - $25+

    • Draw attention to those adorable paws with a splash of color.  A full mani-pedi for your dog includes Warren London's Paw Fizz treatment followed by their Grapeseed Oil massaged into the pads to help nourish, protect, & soothe rough paws, & finished with your choice of 1 color nail pawlish.  Dress up those nails with a splash of color for the festive holidays or to show your team spirit!  (Additional colors $2 each.)

      • Add some extra pizazz with nail art designZubaz?  Flowers?  Polka dots?  Hearts?  Pumpkins?  You name it, we'll attempt it!  $4/nail​​​

  • Flash - $5

    • Want to make all your pet pals at daycare have something to bark about?  Show off your holiday or team spirit or just plain bad-assery with a temporary tattoo!​​​

  • Pearly Whites - $30 first time, $15 thereafter

    • Ultrasonic, vibration-free teeth brushing penetrates deeper into plaque & tartar than brushing alone can do, leaving teeth healthier & whiter than what regular brushing alone can do.  With a treatment plan, over time, yellow & brown stains can break down.  A great alternative to expensive sedation dental cleaning & a much safer method than non-anesthetic dental cleaning (which isn't even legal in NY state, by the way).  Your pet will receive their own tooth brush head to keep & reuse, which will be sanitized in our UV oven after each use.​​​

  • Chompers - $10

    • Freshen up teeth fuzzies & bad breath with manual teeth brushing using a disposable tooth brush.​​​

  • Cleopatra's Milk Bath - $40

    • Pamper your pet with the ultimate in spaw luxury!  This relaxing, full body treatment infused with only 3 ingredients - whole milk, whole buttermilk & honey - naturally soothes, softens, & hydrates your pet's skin & coat.​​

  • Animal Ayurveda - $20+

    • Club Pawsh is extremely proud to be the only provider in NY state outside of NYC (& 1 of 5 in the entire state) to provide these ancient, healing, green herbal masks for your pets' benefits.  Proprietary blends of neem, cassia, & aloe are easily absorbed by hair & skin for a healthier pet from the outside in.  Your pet gets to relax & soak in all the benefits while their hair is prepped for a haircut with a finish unlike you've ever seen before!  If you're going for an Asian Fusion look or have a Bichon Frise or Poodle, this will make the finish on those curly-haired breeds visually pop & feel oh, so soft!

      • Skin Health Animal Ayurveda specializes in maintaining your pet's healthy skin & is especially effective on dogs who have a high risk for allergies & skin infections (Recommended for Shi-Tzus & French Bulldogs).

      • Moisture Health Animal Ayurveda uses natural ultra-moisturizing extract to combat dry itching, dandruff, & static electricity as well as helps to soothe redness & itchiness while hydrating, cooling, & improving skin circulation.  Recommended for wire-haired & straw-like fur as well as pets with short & dark coats.

      • Beauty & Health Animal Ayurveda focuses primarily on maintaining a beautiful coat & maintaining ease of styling.  The powerful coating formula is highly effective in preventing tangles & mats & aids in de-shedding, & repairing & strengthening damaged coats.  Recommended for long-haired pets (All Doodles, Bichon Frises, Shiba Inus, Welsh Corgis, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, & Papillons).​​​​

  • Soos Dead Sea Salt Soak - $20

    • For centuries, humans have traveled to the Dead Sea to soak in its waters & now Club Pawsh is bringing the healing benefits of the Dead Sea directly to your pet!  Help ease sore muscles from that run, hike, or obstacle course your dog just aced!  Have a senior or mobility-challenged pet?  Allow us to pawmper them in a relaxing bath where they will absorb the world's oldest antibiotic, helping to draw out toxins, remove pressure from joints, & improve circulation.  Enriched with eucalyptus, sandalwood, & ylang ylang to further increase therapeutic effects, calm nerves, purify the body, & improve skin's integrity, this luxurious soak works as an anti-inflammatory, has aromatherapy effects, nourishes skin & coat with vitamins, minerals, & essential oils, & boosts immunity, specifically pH balanced for dogs & cats.  Also great for pets with yeast on their paws & body & those experiencing chronic conditions & fatigue.

  • Technicolor - $11+

    • For the fashion-forward, create pomp & circumstance with tastefully placed color accents, whether it's a spritz of color or going all out with a full body creative!  Want your pet to match your latest new hair color?  Maybe you want to show everyone that you're the biggest Bills or Sabres fan.  Zubaz your pet?  You bet!  

  • Soft Paws - $20

    • A cat exclusive!  Add some beauty & style to your cat's nails & save your furniture at the same time!  Your cat deserves a touch of glamour, so every cat receives a complimentary set of cat claw caps on their furst appointment!​​​​

  • Glad Rags- $3+

    • Your pet is FAR from basic!  That's why you'll never see them leave our vans with bandanas.  Every pet receives either a complimentary bow, flower, tie, or bowtie.  If you'd like to put the "pup" in "pupscale", then add some unique & stylish accoutrement to their ensemble.  Choose from additional pieces of flair including feathers, streamers, tinsel, pearls, jewels, etc.  Add "earrings" or a bindi to make your pet sparkle.  Did someone say, "bedazzled"?  Combine this enhancement with either Flash or Technicolor for a truly spectacular look!​​​

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