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Club Pawsh Terms & Conditions

Vaccinations: Rabies vaccinations are required by law in New York State for both dogs & cats.  The American Hospital Association considers Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, (DAPP vaccine) & Rabies to be core required for dogs & Rabies, Rhinotracheitis, & FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus, & Panleukopenia) to be core required for cats.  Club Pawsh places the utmost importance on pet wellness & so requires all pets to be fully vaccinated for these conditions in order to be seen.  We accept vaccination proof via uploads to your pet profile through the Club Pawsh app, email to from your veterinarian, or in paper form.  If your pet is unable to be vaccinated due to health conditions which prevent them, a written vaccination waiver signed by your veterinarian is also acceptable.  Pets without the Bordetella vaccine can be seen within the Afternoon ApPAWntment window at no additional charge.  In order to see them in the Morning or Midday window, an additional $42.50 will be added to your final total to account for the additional time needed to run our UV Light to kill any PAWSsible airborne pathogens. 


Appointments: Club Pawsh does NOT provide exact appointment arrival times. When booking an appointment, understand that it is merely a REQUEST &, once confirmed, you will be given a WINDOW OF ARRIVAL time frame, which is still an estimate.  Arrival periods are Morning - anytime between 8am & 11am, Midday - anytime between 10a & 1p, & Afternoon - anytime between 12p & 3p. Once you submit your appointment time request, Club Pawsh will respond with either a confirmation or modified suggestion for the next available time that day.  A confirmation of an exact time frame (for example 9am) only means that you have a confirmation for the arrival window period in which that time is encompassed. Please read this notification carefully to ensure that the time frame works for you. If these dates do not work for you, we recommend that you consider requesting Key Holder Services so that you do not have to be home. Club Pawsh will notify you when they are departing from their previous appointment with an estimated time of arrival, so please keep your phone available. 



When booking an appointment, understand that it is merely a REQUEST &, once confirmed, you will be given a WINDOW OF ARRIVAL time frame, which is still an estimate.  Arrival periods are Morning - anytime between 8am & 11am, Midday - anytime between 10a & 1p, & Afternoon - anytime between 12p & 3p. Once you submit your appointment time request, Club Pawsh will respond with either a confirmation or modified suggestion for the next available time that day.  A confirmation of an exact time frame (for example 9am) only means that you have a confirmation for the arrival window period in which that time is encompassed (for example a 9am confirmation means you have a MORNING WINDOW OF ARRIVAL - anytime between 8am & 11am).  Please read this notification carefully to ensure that the time frame works for you. Club Pawsh will notify you when they are departing from their previous appointment with an estimated time of arrival, so please keep your phone available


DePAWSits: All apPAWntments for non-High Society Club Members require a 50% dePAWSit.  It is fully refundable with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice ahead of time.  The reason for its existence is because when you request an apPAWntment in our system, whether or not it is yet conFURmed, it prevents another apPAWntment from being able to be booked.  As such, it is subject to being forfeit completely should your apPAWntment be canceled for any reason on your end.  This includes failure on your PAWrt to resPAWnd & comply with our terms & conditions, which supersede all verbal agreements.  Should you need to cancel for pet health reasons in under 48 hours’, we reserve the right to require documented proof of pet’s illness via statement from their veterinarian within 7 days of the canceled apPAWntment.  As a courtesy, we may credit a portion of your dePAWSit on your account for use later on.  Within 48 hours of your apPAWntment, all dePAWSits are nonrefundable.


Health/Behavior: Club Pawsh is a Certified Fear Free Facility & employs only Fear Free Certified professionals.  You agree to disclose any health or behavior issues that could affect the grooming process.  You will be held liable for any bites that require medical treatment & any property damage caused by your pet.  We take every measure to make the grooming process a pleasant experience & help to recondition pets who have previously suffered from other experiences, however, if your pet is unable to complete the grooming process safely, we reserve the right to refuse service, which may result in an unfinished groom.  Depending on the severity of your pet’s condition, Club Pawsh may suggest that the groom be split into numerous sessions which will incur additional fees for the time spent.  Any harm caused by your pet to any person, animal, or property is your responsibility.


Sedation: Club Pawsh refuses pets who are sedated for grooming.  This includes sedation of any kind, whether by ingestion, injection, or topical.  Any form of sedation, whether over-the-counter or vet-prescribed/administered is prohibited to be given to any pet prior to their appointment where the effects may still be experienced by the pet upon arrival of groomer.  Sedation can lower a pet’s heart rate which can cause life-threatening issues when combined with various aspects of the grooming process.  It also alters their behavior so that warning signs of FAS (Fear, Anxiety & Stress) are dulled, delayed, or non-existent yet the cognitive awareness may still be present.  Additionally, if not enough/too much time has passed or not enough/too much dosage has been given, pets can experience greater than normal signs of FAS due to their awareness that something is abnormal.  You agree that your pet will not be sedated for their appointment.  If you feel that sedation is needed, please schedule your pet’s grooming appointment with your veterinarian.  


Pricing: The quoted price of grooming is a base price for pets on a 4 week or less schedule with 2” of hair or less.  The groomer reserves the right to charge extra fees for coat condition, excessive matting, excessive shedding, or any other behavior (including reconditioning) which results in the appointment taking longer than what is typical for your pet’s breed & size.  (Most pets take an average of an hour & a half with some exceptions for short-coated dogs & larger double-coated dogs.  Your groomer will give you an estimate upon initial inspection for what is typical & then estimate what it will be for your pet.  Estimates are purely estimates & are subject to every pet’s behavior, coat condition, & desired outcome - if possible.  First time pets or those who require reconditioning may take more or less time, depending on their stress threshold.). You agree to pay any additional incidentals & remaining balances as well as the additional hourly rate for your pet’s size category for any additional time needed to care for your pet uPAWn the completion of their service that day.  As such, we require all clients to keep a valid credit/debit card on file at all times during active apPAWntments.


Collection: Should you fail to pay balances due, whether for services rendered day of or cancellation fees for breaking High Society Membership contracts, you agree to promptly provide an alternative form of payment within 1 week of the balance becoming due.  Should you fail to comply with this, you understand & agree that Club Pawsh has every right to seek collection of moneys owed to the greatest extent of the law.  We preFUR mediation in the event that legal counsel must be sought & you will be held subject to the terms of Erie County, New York.


Creative Grooming: All additional accoutrement for your pet pet-safe.  Pieces may come off & a pet may ingest them.  Club Pawsh only uses jewels, glitters, glue, paints, & polishes that are non-toxic & will pass easily if ingested.  By requesting creative grooming, you understand that the longevity of their duration may vary from pet to pet depending on coat type, lifestyle, & exposure to direct sunlight & water.  When colors are used, exact colors may vary & are not guaranteed.  Club Pawsh does not warranty any additional retail item; please see manufacture for details.  


Fleas/Ticks/Other Parasites: If your pet is found to have any fleas or ticks on them, they will be given a mandatory Cooties treatment with corresponding charges.  It is your responsibility to alert Club Pawsh upon submitting your booking request whether or not your pet has fleas or ticks.  Club Pawsh does not ofFUR flea & tick treatments as preventatives or as solutions; we only treat on site if found to care for the well-being of your pet & that of our environment because we have to.  While Club Pawsh makes every effort to diligently sanitize & disinfect everything between pet appointments, the only way to ensure no cross contamination can occur is to do a deep UV cleaning treatment, which is done at the end of every day.  Should your pet be found with fleas, ticks, or other contagious parasites on them or in their carrying case, you will be charged a deep cleaning fee which is equal to the cost of what each scheduled apPAWntment was due to net Club Pawsh that must then be rescheduled as a result plus $100 per appointment.


Not A Veterinarian: Club Pawsh is dedicated to providing luxury grooming & aesthetic care for your pet.  Groomers are not veterinarians.  As such, we do not perform ear plucking or anal gland expression services.  Both services have their origins beyond a groomer’s sight & the rule of thumb is if it cannot be seen, do not intervene.  Plucking ear hair can cause irritation in the hair follicles which can lead to infection.  Expressing anal glands is a service that groomers perform externally, whereas veterinarians & vet techs perform internally.  It is our stance that external expression does not guarantee a complete expression & that repeated attempts can cause irritation, impacted glands, infection, & a dependency on human intervention to what is normally a natural biological function when pets defecate (most breeds).  Groomers cannot diagnose conditions but due to our in depth aesthetician training & in depth handling of your pet, we will document & alert you of anything out of the ordinary for your pet.  We also may need to contact your veterinarian for any health background information & to work in conjunction for any hair/skin issues your pet may have which may require treatment.  You consent to allow Club Pawsh to speak with your veterinarian.  Please notify your veterinarian office that you are working with us.


No Boarding: Mobile grooming is a luxury service & we pride ourselves on offering dedicated one-on-one services.  We rely on clients to drop off & pick up their pets in a timely manner so that we may get to the next client as quickly as possible.  As a cage-free service provider, Club Pawsh does not have the ability to transport your pet along to the next appointment.  We offer keyholder services for an additional holding fee, in the event you know you will be unable to be home or have a trusted person pick up/receive your pet once their appointment is completed.  Appointments are scheduled in a manner for efficient routing to accommodate as many clients as possible.  As such, you are required to receive your pet within 5 minutes of being notified of their appointment’s completion.  For every minute spent waiting, you agree to pay $2 &, after 10 minutes, you will pay the cost equal to each scheduled appointment after yours that will need to be rescheduled, plus $100 for every appointment which needs to be rescheduled.  Should you keep the groomer waiting beyond 5pm, you agree that your pet will be dropped off at the closest boarding facility that has availability & you accept full corresponding charges plus a $50 fee.


Key Holder Services: Club Pawsh respects our clients’ times.  To avoid No Boarding fees, Club Pawsh offers Key Holder Services as part of our High Society Membership.  If you are not a member but know you will be delayed & would like the groomer to have a one-time access into your home to let your pet back in you may elect to give the groomer a spare key for a $5 fee.  This must be accompanied with either written instructions on this form for where to leave the key after the appointment or a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the groomer to mail back to you the following business day.  Club Pawsh is licensed, bonded, & insured to protect your property.  Any damage to your property caused by your pet upon drop off is your sole responsibility.  It is your responsibility to write on this form if your pet is to be crated.  Photos will be taken.  Club Pawsh is not responsible if your pet escapes their enclosure.  Key Holder Service is not available for any FURSt time apPAWntment for groomer’s safety nor is it available for cats since they must be in a carrier & we don’t want them waiting in one for too long while you’re away.


Treating: As a Fear Free Certified company, Club Pawsh works to engage your pet via classical conditioning methods, which includes treating.  We supply a healthy, minimal ingredient variety of treats.  It is your responsibility to notify us of any dietary restrictions your pet may have.  You are welcome to provide your own treats if they are small enough to be quickly ingested & not a large distraction.  Positive reinforcement in the form of beloved toys may be your pet’s preference.  Please notify us if your pet responds favorably to holding a toy for comfort.  


Photo & Video Consent: To ensure the safety of all, Club Pawsh has security cameras installed in each van.  By using Club Pawsh, you agree that your pet will be under recorded surveillance for the duration of their time inside the van.  You also agree to allow Club Pawsh to take & use photos & videos for promotional purposes which may be distributed on the Club Pawsh app, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Club Pawsh website, for print, & any other medium Club Pawsh may decide.  You understand that any photos or videos taken by Club Pawsh are the sole property of Club Pawsh & you grant us irrevocable rights to the ownership & dissemination of them.  If you would like to be tagged or have a tag removed in a photo/video on social media, simply send your request to


Parking: For the optimal safety of your pet, off-street parking in your driveway is preferred.  Once services begin, groomers cannot move the van until services have been completed, so we ask that you plan accordingly & have off-street parking available for the duration of your pet(s)’ appointment.  If you do not have off-street parking available to you, Club Pawsh will park at the closest available space.  You agree to pay for any related parking fees.  If a parking spot is unavailable within eyesight of your home, you may be required to bring your pet out to meet the groomer, in which case they will notify you where they have found parking.  


Cancellation: Club Pawsh requires notification of any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment by 4pm two business days prior.  Club Pawsh carefully plans all routing of appointment requests in advance in a way that best serves the most clients to best accommodate as many requests as we can for each day requested.  As such, if you have not selected Key Holder Services for your appointment & you are unreachable within 10 minutes of Club Pawsh’s arrival, your appointment will be cancelled & may result in up to 100% of your appointment cost being charged so that we can maintain respect for other clients’ time & possibly fit in another client who has been waitlisted.  We appreciate your consideration & respect of each clients’ time as well as ours.


Matting: In the event that your pet has mats, we will try to save as much hair as possible based on your pet’s FAS & pain thresholds.  Mats pull at skin, cutting off air- & blood flow & can hide underlying conditions such as hot spots, bacterial & fungal infections, scars, bruises, & parasites.  Depending on the severity of the mats, your pet may require to have a Reset where they are shaved down very short, as this is sometimes the only humane way to safely remove them without causing undue stress, pain, or harm to your pet.  The distance between the mat & the skin is what dictates how short your pet’s hair will need to go.  During this delicate process, your pet may be more irritable than normal due to the pain of these sensitive areas being handled.  Additional Handling Fees may apply as a result.  The de-matting process is painful & can result in skin irritation, nicks, cuts, & bruises due to the mats pulling on the skin, making it more delicate & susceptible to injury.  We will do our best to minimize discomfort to your pet, but Club Pawsh is not responsible for any injuries or medical issues due to this process.


Shave Shock: When severely matted &/or impacted coats are removed & a pet has had to be shaved very short as a result, their skin may become reddened, experience bruising within a couple days, & may be irritated.  As the blood flows back to previously depleted areas, pets may feel a tingling sensation which may cause them to scratch at, bite, or roll around to try to appease the sensation.  This can result in wounds, sores, & infections.  Club Pawsh is not responsible for any injury your pet may sustain after their grooming, caused by themselves.  We may recommend E-Collars which may be available for purchase.  Pets may also experience a drastic change in temperature & so should be monitored for any behavioral changes after having been shaved down, especially in the colder & warmer months.  Your groomer may recommend pet clothing to help keep them warm or shield their skin from the sun.  Additionally, sometimes pet pawrents experience an attitudinal change in the way they respond to their pet when such a drastic change has been made.  Animals are energetic, sentient beings & are sensitive to their family’s reactions to their new look.  We understand you may be disappointed at their new, temporary look but encourage you not to treat them any differently, as pets can fall into a depressive state & can manifest in behavioral changes when combined with their new sensations & their family’s reactions to them.  


Senior/Mobility Challenged Pets: There comes a time in a pet’s life where grooming shifts from making them look cute to getting them to a place of manageability for their comfort.  While Club Pawsh will always do our best to ensure your pet’s comfort during a groom, there may come a time where they may not have a completed groom or may not look as nice as they normally do, due to complications with their health.  As pets age beyond 10 years, they are at an increased rate for injury due to health complications & much lower stress thresholds than before.  Vision & hearing impairment as well as joint aches can cause them to be more apprehensive than in the past.  Additional handling fees may be applied.  Club Pawsh is not responsible for any sudden onset of conditions which may result in sickness, injury, or death of a pet while under our care except due to gross negligence by a groomer.  As such, Club Pawsh reserves the right to deny your pet some or all services in the best interest of their overall wellbeing.


Injury: In the event of an emergency, we will contact you & take your pet to the nearest veterinary office for treatment if you or your emergency contact are unable to do so.  In the event you are not able to be contacted or cannot meet at the veterinary office, Club Pawsh will act as your agent for the care of your pet.  All vet expenses will be the responsibility of the pet owner unless injury is due to direct enlivened of the groomer.  We will not be held responsible for any sickness or injury caused by the pet to itself during or after grooming, or any accidental death of the pet due to a pre-existing health condition (known or unknown, whether a biopsy is done or not) or natural disaster.  


Safety: Club Pawsh will take every precaution to assure a safe environment for your pet.  However, accidents do happen, & you will absolve Club Pawsh & all its groomers & staff from any & all responsibility involving injury, escape, damage, or disease during & after their grooming appointment with Club Pawsh.  


By signing this agreement, you agree to the above policies.

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